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In 1997, driven by the desire to help others, I brought together the best teams in a marriage between the wonderful worlds of food and drink and decoration to fulfill my dream. Today, this initiative has become a beacon for social action and volunteering. It was in a simple abandoned train car that these  "Gardeners of God" put on our first exhibit and this idea has perpetuated until today. It is well known as the most sophisticated Gastronomic Party of Brasil and is called The Degustar Event.

Twenty years have passed and our needs and desires to do more and more good for those in need has only increased. This is why the Degustar®️ brand was born, it is in our DNA to promote greater social awareness and from this, two additional brands were created: DoeAmor®️ and DG DoGood®️.

Today we are entering Brazilian homes with our products to make a difference and to promote solidarity. Our products are diverse, from cosmetics to food and appliances which enables us to help more philantropic entities. 

Know our brands and do like us. Donate love wherever you go.

Marcia Costa


"Our DNA is to promote social consciousness"


We are brands that were born from the success of the Degustar Event, which for twenty years has focused on the "man", the human being. The goal is to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Today  we have the brands: Degustar®️, DoeAmor®️ and DG DoGood®️, which through their products, in varied segments like cosmetics, food and housewares, among others, have one thing in common – Help one another, especially those with little. 

We donate part of our profit  to those in need of  our assistance.

Two of our beneficiaries are: Hospital de Amor, Viva e Deixe Viver and Make a Wish, but we want to go further ...

Soon new institutions will be in our portfolio and new products are on the way.

Be a part of our team and combine your brand with ours.

Let's donate love together!

Marcia Costa and team

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Know our project

Donate love wherever you go

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